12 Advantages of Guest Teak Chairs, Presents Special Enchantment in Occupancy

Designers all over the world have found innovative ways to utilize the natural qualities of teak wood to enhance the appearance of the living room. They created a modern teak guest chair design that has an exclusive look. Teak guest chairs come from the main material of teak wood which is priceless. Teak wood is very solid and makes it weather resistant. In addition to its sturdy and hardiness, teak guest chairs also have more advantages than disadvantages.


Pohon Jati yang disebutĀ Tectona grandis, berasal dari daerah tropis. Sejak sekitar abad ke-7, telah used to beautify and decorate the dwellings of the rich and powerful. Through the Dutch who colonized Indonesia, they used teak wood for shipbuilding because of its ability to ward off decay. Teak trees are found in many tropical rain forests of India and in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Burma and Malaysia. Since the post-colonial era, beginning in the mid-20th century, the Indonesian government has a company to manage one of the most valuable natural resources. PT Perhutani manages teak plantations officially on the island of Java.