7 Unique Guest Table Designs that are Suitable for Living Rooms

The Lesehan living room is currently popular because it saves more land and feels more comfortable. If your living room is a lesehan model, then the guest table must also be adjusted. A suitable table for lesehan is a table with low legs. Thus, guests can more easily reach a drink and snack table. For the design there are many choices that can be adjusted to the style of the living room itself. For those of you who are still confused about what to use the guest table, first consider the following examples!

1. The guest desk of the jealous model

Meja tamu model jengki

Jengki furniture is furniture that has mastered the trend in the 1950s. Nowadays, jengki furniture is in demand by the public to decorate their modern homes. Jengki furniture has its own characteristics on its short legs and outward sloping. For the lesehan living room, this jengki model guest table will look perfect.

2. Minimalist wooden guest table

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